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We are Connector Castings, Incorporated.

Connector Castings manufactures a wide array of Electrical Grounding Products for industry, commercial business and home. Our quality products and processes have been utilized, trusted and demanded in the field for well over a half century.

While we are pleased to offer to you our existing product lineup, we want to work with you on your new ideas, and new products, offering to you all our capabilities and resources. We work as partners, not just as a supplier or vendor. We know your success depends upon your products, and our success depends upon your Customer’s satisfaction.

Ultimately, what we can offer to you is what makes Connector Castings the right choice for your product needs. We are flexible, adaptable, and innovative. From design through shipping we can tailor a product production package to meet all your product needs and requirements, fitting the right blend of tooling, processes, packaging, and ultimately, product cost to achieve your product goals.

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People...Only the Best

Neither accomplishments, nor anything offered here is possible without the people who are Connector Castings. Our people drive the success, the innovation, the flexibility, the adaptability, the Customer Focus, and ultimately the Pride in Manufacturing flowing throughout the Company. Some of our best people have been with the Company for 20 or 30 or even more years. When you place orders with Connector Castings, you receive more than just products, you receive the experience and dedication of every employee.

Sustainability...One Final benefit Connector Castings offers you

Our entire operation from Foundry through Machining, has distanced itself from Hazardous Chemicals and processes, substituting environmentally friendly materials. We utilize only non-silca sand in our Foundry. We will not pour nor melt high lead alloys. We utilize recycled raw materials where applicable, we recycle our material internally, we utilize no employee, nor neighborhood endangering chemicals, and we only dispose environmentally approved material in approved landfills. We dispose of no material on-site.

In fact, our Foundry operates in a specifically designated mixed use neighborhood, literally next door to recently constructed multi-family and single family residences. We are proud to be a good neighbor.

Connector Castings, Incorporated electrical products are trusted and relied upon in applications ranging from home construction, electrical utility and Coop electrical supply infrastructure, industrial and commercial uses, through to communications. Our products ensure safe use of electrical power, grounding almost all types of electrical conducting devices and wiring

We are proud to be the largest manufacturer of Ground Rod Clamps in the United States, and we are a major supplier of US manufactured Hot Line Clamps.

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