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While our Heart is Foundry Operations we offer even more...

Our Machining and Assembly Operations continue the total product production package supplying more value adding functions to serve your needs and your customerís needs. This portion of our operation embraces a wide spectrum of machinery and processes that maximize efficiencies while minimizing tooling costs. The results are a product lineup complete and ready to install, offered to you at competitive price and competitive quality with quick turnaround.

Our Machining and Assembly Operations accomplishes all this through use of flexible and adaptable combinations of a range of machinery and processes. From high output dedicated automatic machining and assembly operations, through CNC machines, multiple spindle drilling and tapping down through predominately manual operations we match complexity, cost and efficiencies to product and delivery requirements.

  • Small run products are accomplished simply, effectively, and at attractive costs as we operate machinery that can be fixtured quickly, and cost effectively. These style products are produced with stand alone drilling, tapping and machining utilizing universal style fixturing, minimizing tool and fixture investment.
  • Larger run products are processed with product specific tooling, and more sophisticated processing machinery, from multiple spindle drilling and tapping machines up through CNC Milling Machines and including dedicated, multiple fixtured high speed CNC Drilling and Tapping Machines. Our highest run products utilize product specific fixturing and run on dedicated automatic, high speed machining and assembly production lines.

Our Assembly Operations are scalable, flexible, and adaptable. Operations emcompass single, stand alone work stations, progress through operations utilizing specific fixturing, and continue through to higher volume production line assembly. Operations culminate in dedicated, product specific, high output automatic assembly.

Tooling for our operations is designed and fabricated to exacting standards utilizing our Autocad Design Group, our in-house tooling fabrication group, and our outside associate groups.

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