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Our heart is our Foundry.

We are a Non-Ferrous Foundry, casting an array of Aluminum, Brass and Bronze products.

Our Foundry specializes in alloying specific Bronzes utilized in many of our products. What this means to you, our potential Customer, is we can absolutely control to exacting standards, the material that goes into all our products. We alloy and implement a Three Tier Quality Check on every heat of metal we produce. The final step of this process is a complete chemical analysis utilizing our Optical Emissions Spectrometer. No drop of metal flows from our melting furnaces until these checks are successfully completed.

We are primarily a Sand Cast, Matchplate Molding Foundry featuring:

  • Magnetic Induction Furnaces in various sizes
  • Reverberatory Furnaces
  • Automatic molding machines, coupled with automatic mold handling systems, featuring almost zero changeover time
  • Permanent Mold Machines
  • In-House Coremaking Operations
  • Multiple processes for casting cleaning and initial processing of castings - traditional Foundry Product Grinding, Shot Blast and Tumbling
  • Automatic Trim Pressing

We also feature In-House Heat Treat Operations. Rigid control is maintained and exacting standards are achieved for the material that goes into our products. Our typical process results in products at T51 and T6 levels of material hardness.

An integral part of our Foundry is our In-House Pattern Shop, directed by our Master Pattern Maker. While use of CAD generated data is typical of our operations today, our Master Pattern Maker can bring to life products that exist only as an idea, or a sample or just a sketch. Additionally, our In-House Pattern operation assures your tooling will be cared for and preserved as it is used to manufacture your products.

All this translates into speed, flexibility, adaptability, and tight control of product quality. Because of this, we are fast to market, with an ability to excel in short, long, or any volume of production requirements.

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