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Connector Castings’ history reaches back over 70 years into 1937. The seeds of this history were planted by the JA Weaver Company. JA Weaver began manufacturing Grounding Connectors in Saint Louis Missouri, the same place we call home today. Weaver began as a small brass melting and machining business, supplying products that helped electrify the country. Dependable products began to grow the reputation and success of the Company until the Weaver product line became a staple of the electrical industry. Success and growth brought changes in management and eventually ownership, but Mr. Weaver’s original commitment to quality, dependable products at a competitive cost never waivered. Nor has the commitment to our core product lines. The Company has always been about manufacturing quality, dependable products for use in electrical grounding applications.

In 1987, the Company was reorganized and incorporated as Connector Castings Incorporated under private ownership that directs Operations today. This new energy infused the Company with a dynamic service and market orientation, emphasizing you the customer, while maintaining and improving upon Mr. Weaver’s original manufacturing and product core values.


We are Connector Castings, Incorporated. We are one of increasingly few independent Foundries operating in the US, and we are proud. We provide products you can depend upon and we back them, and we are here to serve your needs. We manufacture our products from casting through machining, assembly and packaging, in the United States.

We are proud to be the largest US manufacturer of Ground Rod Clamps. We have stayed the course, continued our Foundry Operations along with our Machining and Assembly Operations in the face of stiff and determined overseas competition. We proudly display a Made in America Flag on all our product packaging showing our Customers and in turn, your Customers, our commitment.

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